The URC standard and the Universal Control Hub are highly flexible technologies. They are applicable in a wide range of application domains and markets.

In the following we identify key domains and give an overview of how both can be applied and what benefits can be expected. Many reference projects and product developments conducted by openURC members as well as third-party R&TD institutions and companies are on its way and will be published here shortly. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned.

Today, technology driven markets such as Telecommunications, Mobility, Social Networks, eHealth, Ambient Assisted Living Energy, Home Automation, Automotive and Public Transport are changing rapidly, constantly intertwining, competing and building synergies among them. However, in the long run, a strong convergence and interaction between them is to be expected. Aspects like accessibility, usability and ubiquitousness and pervasiveness are key factors for an ever increasing digitalized and interconnected life.