VITAS - VITAL Suite Application

The VITAS Application Suite is the main result of the European R&D project VITAL. The project started in January 2007 and ended in November 2010.

The objective of VITAL was to develop a set of technologies, platforms and applications with the aim to provide remote assistance to elderly users. VITAL presents a new concept of remote assistance that differs from traditional schemes in the sense that it is concerned not only with elementary subsistence needs but also with the aim to significantly increase the quality of life of the average elderly user. VITAL intends to put in practice, inside an integrated environment, the concept of Total Assistance and Independent Living understood as assistance anytime, anywhere, using any terminal and for any type of service. Using existing infrastructures and domestic terminals, VITAL is designed to deliver advice, assistance, information, education, entertainment and inter-personal communications to the users, like elderly people.

The VITAL platform is designed to be expandable, easily and efficiently, accommodating and delivering new and additional services to its users.

The main reference markets are:

  • Healthcare / AAL
  • Content and Apps
  • Entertainment / Infotainment / Education
  • Social Networks
  • Telecommunications
  • Hospitality

The VITAL Application Suite (VITAS) represents the main and most important result of the project.

VITAS is composed of the following applications and services:

VITAS diagram


The applications are programs external to the core system meant to provide a specific functionality to the user. For that reason it is possible to add or remove applications / services from the system without altering the basic system functionality. The applications may run by themselves or may use the support of the lower level services provided by the Vital Platform (i.e. information from the user profile, location services, reminder service, etc). In addition, the applications, through well-defined interfaces can provide user information to the Vital Platform in order to update the user profile. In this section a number of tentative applications potentially interesting for the users are presented.

In the course of the development of the VITAS platform special attention was paid to aspects like configurability, scalability extensibility and robustness. Especially, cloud compatibility and possibility to deploy VITAS in a SaaS (Software as a Service) configuration have been important goals.

The VITAS applications and services in detail:


VITAS and the VITAL project were co-financed by the European Commission.