ALL and Independent Living


Due to a series of factors the number of elderly people is continuously growing, namely in developed countries. This implicates significant social and economical changes. Consequently there is the need to provide an increased quality of life, for a longer period of (life) time. And better quality of life implicates health and independency. To continuously monitor the health state of an elderly or a chronicle patient, or even a recovering patient, means spending money and apply (cost intensive) care personnel. Hence there is a clear need to provide solutions for Ambient Assisted Living and, with the integration of the available services of social interaction, Assisted Living. However, there isn’t a unique and interoperable solution to connect all the devices and services. Developers/providers have their own and/or proprietary products and solutions that e ventually require to interoperate and – equally important – provide intuitive, personalized and adaptive User Interfaces.


The UCH and URC are technological solution to provide independency and health of elderly people. The platform allows the efficiently connection of home devices and services in a simple and scalable way. Our platform improves the elder population’s quality of life by providing an efficient way of (inter)connecting devices and services and enhancing the interaction by providing simple, personalizable and intuitive User Interfaces.